The Storyteller

The story of my life

Jeffrey Z.
23 October 1969
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I am an eclectic person who is difficult to define. I am a storyteller who tells and reads tales of eldritch terrors, epic heroism, and future wonders (that's horror, fantasy, and sci-fi, if you were wondering). I'm a philosopher, always seeking new truths. I'm a coven-initiated First Degree Witch, and a Minister ordained by the Universal Life Church. How's THAT for eclectic? I'm an amateur paranormal researcher, and have extensively studied the UFO phenomenon. I'm also something of a technocrat with an interest in the Transhumanism movement. A Pagan technocrat? What can I say, I'm contradictory, I contain multitudes. I'm married to a beautiful, wonderful redhead, have two stepsons and a beautiful daughter, and any other info can be found in the interests section. The most important thing about me, though, or so I've been told, is that when I am your friend, I am always there for you.
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